Why NPR must never speak to Paul Weyrich ever again

OK, this post is not about writing. This is about how one little comment on the radio by a legless (literally) and spineless man pissed the holy hell out of me.

And since I don’t have an e-mail address for him, you all get to be the recipients of my vented spleen. So here then is an open letter to Paul Weyrich, of the Free Congress Foundation.

Dear Mr. Weyrich:

Since you seem to think that gays are preoccupied with sex, I thought that as a gay man, I would tell you, Mr. Weyrich, what occupies my thoughts:

I worry about my 16-year-old cat, Natasha, who has a thyroid problem and the early stages of kidney failure. She’s been with me since I was in college, and has been a reassuring presence in my life for longer than most people, Mr. Weyrich.

I worry about my niece, who is a smart and athletically gifted 13-year-old. I hope that she’ll be able to afford college when it’s time for her to apply, and I hope that I can help her out.

I think a lot about the state of the environment, Mr. Weyrich, and worry that our nation’s short-term interests ignore the long-term damage that we do to the planet for the sake of our own convenience.

I worry, Mr. Weyrich, that I do not express enough gratitude to my partner, who is more supportive in my pursuit of my writing than I could ever have imagined and more tolerant of my moods than I could ever be.

I worry a lot about my father, who is 64 and a veteran of the Vietnam War and a retired career Marine. He’s had a heart attack, Mr. Weyrich, along with a quadruple bypass and, after a recent hospital stay revealed, a small stroke at some point. He has bounced back every time from these crises and represents one of the most important touchstones in my life.

I think about how someone like you, Mr. Weyrich, pales in comparison to a man like him. I am disappointed that National Public Radio deigned to have you as a guest on their normally excellent and thoughtful program, All Things Considered, today. You have nothing constructive or of substance to contribute to the national dialogue; all you seem capable of, Mr. Weyrich, are bitterness, paranoia, and pettiness. Those are the refuge of cowards.

Your arrogance, Mr. Weyrich, is only surpassed by your ignorance, both of which, frankly, I find appalling. You are an idiot, and you need to fuck off.

Of course, since I’m a gay man and we are preoccupied with sex, perhaps I should amend that statement.

Fuck off a lot, Mr. Weyrich.

Jeffrey Ricker
St. Louis, Missouri

PS: “And that, Marjorie — just so you will know — and your children will someday know — is the night the lights went out in Georgia!

11 thoughts on “Why NPR must never speak to Paul Weyrich ever again

  1. Ms. Sugarbaker –
    Mr. Weyrich is indeed an utter asshole! I checked out that free congress site and cheez whiz! No email addys for anyone! I gather they don’t wanna be bothered with hearing from anyone.

    He had the gall to say that psychologists and psychiatrists can back up his statement?!
    1) Could he actually provide proof of that?
    2) Like heterosexuals AREN’T preoccupied with sex?
    3) It reminds me of the saying “One shrink said that gay people are sick since all his gay patients are. The other shrink said ‘Then all straight people are sick since all my stright patients are'”

  2. Came here from ABB. Very nice. Thank you.

    I heard that interview, too, or part of it. I haven’t checked, but I think my chin has a keyboard-shaped bruise imprinted on it from when my jaw dropped, which happened right around when he said that.

    At least the interviewer did point out that this characterization might offend some people.

    And of course blanket statements about other people’s preoccupations are frequently projections of the speaker’s own preoccupations.

  3. Sara: That is so true. And Michele Norris does deserve credit for calling him on his blatantly offensive statement.

    Rob: Please. steal at will!

    Karen: Oh indeed, NPR does, but in truth, my beef is with Mr. Weyrich, and I think the feedback tool he needs is a smack upside the head.

    ABB: I learn from the master. (That would be you, honey.)

    Lee: I believe that was Freud, but I can’t say for certain.

  4. I, too, jumped to this from ABB. I loved this post, so much so that I linked to it from my own blog. You said what I was incoherently screaming at the radio, only you did it in words that other people can understand. (My rants always make sense in my head, but I think that’s as far as the sense goes.) Thanks for writing it.

  5. My first thought (Ok, my second, actually. My first was, “You’ve gotta be effing kidding me.”) was that the infamous “they” also say that men in general are preoccupied with thinking about sex, in which case we should have all anticipated Clinton’s sexcapades. Shame on us for ignoring “Science” and assuming both men and gays can control their sexual urges enough to govern.

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