Dear Edward McClelland

Kiss my mediocre, slow, thirty-eight-year-old, four-hour-and-thirty-one-minute running, marathon finishing ass, you smug motherfucker. I’m so sorry that I’ve somehow tarnished the sport for you. I trust you’ll suck it up, stop whining, and get over it.

Or maybe you won’t. It doesn’t sound like you want it badly enough. Maybe you’ve forgotten that the most important race is the one you’re running against yourself.

So how’s that knee feeling, bitch?

7 thoughts on “Dear Edward McClelland

  1. I see Ms. Sugarbaker is still visiting with you!

    And yes, he’s a smug lil’ shit. Maybe he’ll trip over his shoe laces and fall on his face.

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  3. That article is so obnoxious, I thought for a moment that it was satire. But it wasn’t. Did you read the 250 comments? 99% told him to go suck an egg.

  4. How arrogant, to think that you are special because you were doing an activity before it became more mainstream or popular. I applaud ANYBODY who gets off their couch to go for a run, or a even a walk for that matter. I think they should have the New York Walk-a-thon, just to piss this guy off. Or maybe the New York Run Backwards Marathon. Anything to throw a monkey-wrench in his otherwise perfect world where he’s an authentic runner and everyone else should just be happy to watch. Blech!

    Seriously, with more than half the population overweight, I’d think we should do anything to encourage people to get up and move.

  5. Oh, what a horrible little person he must be. Celebrate others’ achievements? Why, no thanks, I’ll just demean the inferiority of the result rather than celebrate the attempt.

    You know, his article may be the perfect example of how those who can, do; those who can’t….

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