The savages in the Amazon

Instead of repeating the chorus of outrage about’s new policy of categorizing almost all GLBT literature by GLBT authors as “adult” material (and thereby removing its sales ranking data and excluding it from some book searches, with the effect of marginalizing it even further), I’d like to direct you toward the Publisher’s Weekly article about it (which makes me think, as a certain Bitch would, “Hmm, I smell bullshit”), as well as the source of that link, Famous Author Rob Byrnes, whose books have all been labeled adult, and another writer who’s been similarly affected.

Smells like bullshitOh, and guess what else is on that list? So this directly affects me as well (although strangely, when doing a search on the keywords “fool for love,” the paperback edition doesn’t show up but the Kindle version does. So even their glitch, apparently, has a glitch.

Even more troubling (and tiresome) is the task of moving my wish list from Amazon to another bookseller’s Web site in advance of my particularly milestone-ish birthday coming up, as I expect a landslide of text-based gifts to be coming my way.

But if they come from Amazon, and Amazon hasn’t changed its ways, they’ll be going right back.

4 thoughts on “The savages in the Amazon

  1. I “censored” myself from their customer list when I found out from Jess over at “Splenda in the Grass” that they sell books on training fighting dogs. So they find no problem with selling books on an illegal and reprehensible activity and make it quite easy to find citing censorship as something they are against? As far as I’m concerned, their bs stance on this “adult content” is a form of corporate censorship. Crap at its finest. Let the shitstorm continue.

  2. It makes me wonder, did they think that nobody would notice, or did they figure that the negative publicity would be better than no publicity? Sad … really. I actually enjoyed having them in my back pocket as a last-minute catch-all for gift giving. They are officially OFF my list. BTW … go Pua! 😉

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