“Lifeblood” finds a home

Finally, I can deliver some good news for a change. My short story “Lifeblood” is going to be published in the anthology Blood Sacraments coming out in October 2010 from Bold Strokes Books. The anthology, edited by Todd Gregory, is a collection of gay erotic vampire short stories. (I know; I didn’t know I had it in me either.) I originally wrote this story back in 2003, and the version that will see publication bears scant resemblance to the story’s original form. That’s a good thing. I workshopped the story back in 2005, and even as I submitted it, I cringed, knowing it was too wordy and too flat and too everything. I loved the two main characters but clearly didn’t know them well enough. Late last summer, they finally started speaking to me again, and Mike as well as my friend ‘Nathan had some good feedback and insights.

I’ll post links to the book and to the other writers included in the anthology as they become available. No resting on my laurels, though. Chapter 10 awaits, and I’ve got two stories that I’m working on as well.

Gay erotic vampire anthology… hmm, I guess this is one that I can’t send to my mother.

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  1. Woo hoo! And please don’t send it to your mother or your niece. I just don’t want either of them going there. 😉

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