A Fool-ish fan

My fellow Fool for Love anthology contributor David Puterbaugh sent me a link to this blogger who has really enjoyed Fool for Love: New Gay Fiction (which, as the three people who consistently read this blog know, contains my debut fiction publication, “At the End of the Leash”). Over the next few days she’s going to be posting her favorite lines from each of the stories. Although I’m completely biased, I think it’s a great collection too. Thanks, Hilicia!

2 thoughts on “A Fool-ish fan

  1. Hi Jeffrey, found you! I’m so glad you enjoyed the review, although maybe not as much as I enjoyed the book. *g*

    I hope you liked the quote I chose from “At the End of the Leash.” Believe me, it wasn’t easy… it’s been tough for me, I could have chosen so many different ones. And, thank YOU for writing this lovely story.

    • I did indeed like that quote. I think I’ll always have a soft spot for this anthology because it includes so many people I consider my friends, and also because Tim and Becky did such a great job with it. I need to re-read it soon. 🙂

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