Yet another Fool-ish fan

It shouldn’t be surprising to me that, well over a year after it came out, Fool for Love is still finding new readers. I think that’s a testimony to the fantastic job Becky and Tim performed in assembling this anthology and finding it a home. My friend ‘Nathan told me about this review just published over at Three Dollar Bill Reviews — I feel privileged when someone finds meaning or enjoyment in something I write, and who goes to the trouble of letting other people know about it. I also feel privileged that I was lucky enough to have a story in the company of so many other writers I know and love and admire.

(And for the record, whether I’m in it or not, I hope Tim and Becky edit another anthology too!)

3 thoughts on “Yet another Fool-ish fan

  1. Hi again Jeffrey! I replied to your comment in TDB Reviews, but thought I’d drop in and post a more personal thank you. Because the review was so long I had to keep my write-up of each of the individual stories brief. Unfortunately, this meant that some of my more personal thoughts had to be edited out before posting. I hope you don’t mind, but I’d like to share with you my original write-up of your story:

    “At the End of The Leash” by Jeffrey Ricker:
    Brian walks dogs for a living. Although he once aspired to acting, he came to the conclusion that being a struggling actor wasn’t worth the struggle and now prefers walking dogs because “Dogs are the most real people there are.” An unfortunate sequence of events get Brian fired from one of his dog-walking jobs. On the bright side, Brian finds himself on a date with Carl, who is everything that Brian could ask for. But, there’s only one problem. Carl has no idea that Brian is the one he got fired. As a dog lover I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story and can think of no better way for two people to get together. Brian is truly a delightful character to read and although certainly not Pinocchio, his little white lie of omission just kept digging a deeper and deeper hole.

    Across the street from our apartment building is one of the city’s designated dog parks, where dogs can run off the leash. The park itself is a social gathering place, for among others, dog owners and lovers. When the weather permits I often sit out on our front porch watching as folks congregate on the park’s benches and at the picnic tables to chat and catch-up as they watch their dogs run and frolic. After having read Jeffrey Ricker’s story I now sit, watch and wonder if sharing in their love of dogs has inspired any romantic liaisons among the folks that gather there.

    Thank you once again for your contribution to this amazing anthology. Yes I AM yet another fool-ish fan and quite proud to be so.


  2. Mind? You’ve made my week. Thank you again! The great thing for me about this anthology is being able to appreciate it both as a contributor and as a reader. There are some really great stories in there. (And I can’t believe how lucky I am that I actually got to meet some of the writers.)

  3. Is it strange that when I read that review I felt SO proud? The over-the-top kind of proud like when one of my kids does something awesome. Well I did. I still do.

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