Name that tune

(Kind of a follow-up to my previous post about theme songs….)

I can’t really listen to music while I’m writing, but if I’m transcribing or entering proofreading edits, it’s not a big deal. While I’m working on the novel, I’ve been throwing songs into an iTunes playlist whenever they seem to apply. (I like to tell myself it’s the soundtrack to the movie adaptation.)

All that said, I added this one this evening. Can you name the song? (No Googling, that’s cheating!)

“And if we break or if we bruise, it won’t be the worst of news
We will just get up again—start over on the count of ten…”

8 thoughts on “Name that tune

  1. I can’t listen to music with lyrics when I’m writing, but I am a fan of listening to film scores. The Dark Knight score has been the music of choice while writing my last two scripts.

    And without Googling, I’m clueless about your song. 😦

  2. Regarding your song, I have no idea. But back in my grad school days, I studied for my accounting mid-term and final exam to the Titanic soundtrack. It played in my head through the entire test … and I did quite well … even though I loath accounting. Unfortunately, the soundtrack still loads in my head whenever I open an Excel spreadsheet. 😉

  3. What a great idea to create a soundtrack for a piece of writing…It was Jackson Browne all the way with my first novel.

    No idea about your lyrics…

  4. My favorite lines from the song are:
    “…Between a life that we expected
    And the way it’s always been…”

    I’m a bit of a Jackson Browne nut. You may never get me to shut up…

    He was actually in Columbus, Georgia, in the fall. If you’re interested I did a post on it: including a shaky video I took.

    Okay, that’s it. Nothing else from me about Jackson Browne.

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