A room with a view

Yesterday morning, around 5ish

Usually, this is the view I face when I’m writing. I don’t know about anyone else, but I have discovered, since I started writing at this gorgeous desk (a gift from my friend Ryan), that I am not all that fond of writing while facing a wall. (I am, however, fond of my external monitor and my manual typewriter, which was a gift from Mikey, my better half.) Today, then, I’m sitting at the dining room table while I’m transcribing revisions to chapter eleven (and also, apparently, distracting myself by writing this blog entry, which I am sure is thrilling you to no end, right?).

Sometimes, a new point of view can be found just by moving your rump from the place where you normally plant it to someplace different. I’ve done some of my writing in the middle of a gym, in between sets, because the idea just wouldn’t wait. Other times a new perspective comes from putting away the laptop and picking up a pen, or a pencil. Even using that old typewriter makes the process different. A physical change precipitates a mental one.

What do you do when you need a new perspective? 

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