A couple of days ago, Becky posted an entry on her blog that was an homage to the color red—my favorite, color, for those who don’t know me. It was, well, a meme (which sounds like something your cat might throw up, doesn’t it?); someone gives you a color, you list ten things of that color that you love.

What color did I get? Yellow.

After thinking about this for two days, I realize that for the most part, I do not like the color yellow. (I hesitate to say I hate yellow, because I do in fact have one yellow shirt. I do not think it flatters me.) The best thing about yellow, a primary color, is that when you mix it with red you get orange, and when you mix it with blue you get green. Yellow is not really a color that stands well on its own.

So, while I will come far, far short of ten things I love that are yellow, here are a few things that I can think of that I at least sort of like (and if you want me to pick a color for you, just leave a comment; I can assure you it will be a color other than yellow). Some of these pictures, if you click, will take you to larger versions on Flickr:

Captain Kirk’s uniform.

Ol’ yellow eyes.

Bananas. (Truth be told, though, I like my bananas when they are still a touch green.)

Sunsets in Hawaii.

Yes, another gorgeous sunset

The pineapple garnish on an umbrella drink.

Umbrella drinks

Packages in gold lamé.

Oh my, what's this?

The Chihuly trellises at the Garden.


Of course, what a friend we have in cheeses.


Missouri Botanical Garden Orchid Show, Feb. 14, 2009

Missouri Botanical Garden Orchid Show, Feb. 14, 2009

Oh hey, wait, I’m actually going to get to ten. So, though I don’t really love it, the aforementioned, unflattering shirt.

I swear, we didn't plan this

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