The days between now and the Saints & Sinners Literary Festival are simply racing by, but even at warp 9 they wouldn’t be moving fast enough. I alternately want to speed them up or slow them down, because between now and May 13 when we get on the plane, there is so freaking much to do. Of course, most of it has nothing to do with the third draft of the novel, but that’s the one that looms largest. I’m on chapter 15, the last chapter, and you know how in Dune, Princess Irulan said a beginning is a very delicate thing?

Well, she may have been right, but endings are the most delicate of all. End it too soon, and it’s like dropping an egg on the floor. Carry it on too long, and it’ll dissolve in your hands like a soap bubble.

It’s alternately the most maddening and the most satisfying chapter to revise. That said, I’m already thinking about things that need to be tweaked for the fourth draft.

On top of that, someone whose opinion I value very highly has started reading it, and she loved the first two chapters. It’s chapter three, where things take a twist, where I’m wondering what she’ll think.