Is it time yet…? How about now?

I am wrapping up a few last-minute writing things before our trip to New Orleans on Thursday. I still need to pack. I used to be good at packing. I could spend a month visiting my parents and bring only one suitcase with me. Now my standard operating procedure when it comes to traveling is throw clothes at the open suitcase, see what lands inside, zip it up, and go.

I tend to look rumpled anyway.

Choosing the books to take along with me is always a more careful procedure. Unless I finish Murder in the Rue Ursulines before we depart (and it’s a page turner, so it’s very likely I’ll be done before we go), that’ll be in the carry-on, along with What We Remember and Best Gay Romance 2010, which contains a story by a friend of mine whom I wish was going to be in New Orleans this weekend, along with several other people. I probably shouldn’t pack any other books, as a) I’ll be busy, and b) I’ll be buying lots of other books while I’m there. My book-buying habit is like a crack addiction only without the unhealthy side effects.

Lots of pictures will be taken, especially since Greg and ‘Nathan both have iPhones now. We’ll likely be insufferable.

5 thoughts on “Is it time yet…? How about now?

  1. Oh hon … that nonesense. You were insufferable long before you got your iPhone. Hey, no hitting! Mom said “not in the head!” I keep forgetting that David P won’t be there this time (among others who will sadly not be joining us). It won’t be the same. 😦 But we’re still gonna have a BLAST!!!

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  3. Have a great time! And have a hurricane for me. And if you get a few minutes of free time, take a roll of paper towels to the shore, I hear there’s a mess out there that no one wants to clean up.

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