Oh really? Have you read the part about shellfish? How about mixed fibers?

So, Michael ordered two copies of Paws and Reflect (a book about gay men and their dogs which happens to include essays by both Michael and me; you do have a copy, yes?) from a certain behemoth bookseller whose name you surely know. (Gosh, that reads like a Syms commercial.) In one of the copies he found the card pictured in the accompanying photo.

Pause. Get out soapbox. Continue.

Now, I have no doubt that the person who inserted this in the book was not authorized to do so by the behemoth bookseller in question. That said, I am still fucking mad and would like to go a little Old Testament on the individual in question. (Or maybe a little Elizabethan.)

However, that would accomplish about as much as the individual’s stunt has. It’s not like it’s convinced me to suddenly become Christian or—shudder—like girls. So here’s my question:

What would you do?

Addendum: The mega bookseller in question has apologized profusely, is pursuing the incident and will be questioning every employee at the facility from which the package shipped. If the culprit is found, they will be reprimanded and/or fired, but if not, everyone will be put on notice.

One thought on “Oh really? Have you read the part about shellfish? How about mixed fibers?

  1. I’d do the same as you. Notify the bookseller so they know someone is putting message cards in the books they’re shipping which the recipients are likely to find offensive. Hope they catch the misguided soul.

    And realize they are a misguided soul, and possibly not as hateful as some. I look at missionaries different from the hate-spewing Phelps crowd. They usually have my best interest in mind, so if I’m face-to-face, I smile and say thanks, but no thanks.

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