I’m at a stage in my writing recently where I’ve been working on several projects at once, waiting for one of them to grab my hand and take off at a run. So far, none of them seems to be clamoring for a larger share of my attention. Sometimes I wonder if a) I should just pick one at random, like throwing a dart at the board; b) if this might not be a sign that none of them is particularly worthy of my attention (I hold the least amount of belief in this option, whether that’s due to arrogance or desperation, I’m not sure; or c) it’s time to let the field lie fallow for a while. (And hey, how many metaphors did I mix in that last blender of a sentence?)

In any case, writing is on hold for the weekend in favor of a stay at Lake of the Ozarks. Maybe Sunday night I’ll be raring to bang away at the keyboard again, but even if not, at least I’ll have a bit of a tan.

So, here’s a question: how do you decide if a story (or a painting or any other creative project, for that matter) is worth pursuing to completion? And if you do complete it and it’s less than what you hoped, does that make it a failure?

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