Day Seven

Your Best Friends

In my life, there is no best friend. There are friends who’ve been the best thing for me at a certain time in a certain place. In the luckiest of cases, their friendship has endured beyond those key points and they have grown into companions on a longer journey.

Brad held me up when life had brought me to the lowest point I’ve ever reached. Ryan offered an outsider’s perspective on St. Louis that mirrored a lot of the things I saw as well, and made me realize, no, I wasn’t crazy. Mary kept me sane even as she was losing her own grip in a hostile, nasty little New Hampshire college town. On the first day I met her, Tricia took one look at my Pet Shop Boys concert t-shirt and said, “I hate you,” and we’ve been friends ever since. After surviving high school together, Laura was my long-distance soul assistance freshman year of college. James later fulfilled a similar capacity when I didn’t know which direction I should be going. Scott and Jay made me realize that certain things are worth the struggle. Mikey D. proves by his example that there’s no place too far. Joel sent me banana bread and brownies by FedEx when I needed comfort only food could provide. Cindy has kept with me for years and keeps making the effort. Julie and Bill built me chairs that could only be called thrones. ‘Nathan, Rob, Tim, Becky, and Greg have believed in me even when I had doubts.

Such an embarrassment of riches, how could I choose one over the others? Answer: I couldn’t.