Day Ten

What you wore today

It starts with a t-shirt and a pair of grey track pants. These are also my pajamas, and occasionally workout clothes. Today I don’t want to work out, though I probably still will, which is why I’m also wearing a pair of ankle socks and trainers.

For work, I change into a pair of blue trousers and a gray, short-sleeve pullover (which later I will proceed to splatter coffee upon—I should really wear brown more often). Also, a black belt and black shoes, shoes that I wear almost every day, and which I just noticed have a hole in them. I really need to buy new shoes. I hate shopping for shoes.

When I get home, the revolutionary costume for the day is flip flops, cargo shorts, and a t-shirt. Later, it’ll be back into a different t-shirt and a different pair of track pants for bed.