Day Eleven

Your siblings

Thank you, brother, for continuing the family line.

I wouldn’t have thought I would worry about that either. However, I tell my smart friends that they need to have more children so that the stupid people’s offspring don’t outnumber the intelligent ones. My brother and his wife are among the smart ones; my niece (I know this is a completely biased opinion but it’s also true) is nothing short of brilliant. She’s also athletic and pretty and has a fantastic sense of humor. I think she takes after me.

I’m also grateful to my brother for always being older than me. And for not killing me when we were younger.

One thought on “Day Eleven

  1. Agreed! With my two siblings producing a told of three nieces and three nephews … I feel like I’m off the hook. Phew! And yes, your niece is brilliant. Thank heaving the “putting all your eggs in one basket” worked out for the Ricker clan. 🙂

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