Day Fourteen

What you wore today

Get out of bed wearing a gray t-shirt and blue check loungy pants. Change into black shorts and yellow St. Louis Blues/Komen race t-shirt to ride my bike to the gym. Get home, take a shower, and change into brown cargo pants, black t-shirt, and yellow button-down short-sleeve shirt. Also, black socks, black boxers, black shoes. All of my underwear and almost all my socks are black. I don’t know why this would interest you, but if you feel compelled to buy me some, at least you’ll know what color to get.

Home from the office, I changed out of the yellow shirt and black t-shirt and into a tan-colored t-shirt before going to my writing group. (I was a symphony in earth tones.) Back home from that, it was back into the gray t-shirt and blue check loungy pants.

::Whew:: I’m exhausted.