Day Fifteen

Your dreams

If we’re talking about my sleeping dreams, they tend to be odd. The latest one that I wrote down involved a police station, a retirement party, a stray bat, and a construction paper notebook constantly being filled with people’s Twitter status updates in their own handwriting. Turning a page was like hitting refresh.

If we’re talking about dreams as in “aspirations,” I am lucky of course in that one of them will be happening next fall, when my first book gets published. I have other ones, of course—other books and other dreams. I want us to live someplace different, I want to travel abroad again, I want to go to graduate school and get my MFA, I’d like for Mike and me (especially Mike) not to have to work as hard as we do now. I want my niece to get a full ride scholarship to the college of her choice. I want my friend Amy to recover completely from her cancer. I want you to have whatever you’re dreaming come true, unless it’s world domination or cataclysmic destruction, in which case I want you to seek professional help.

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