Day Twenty-Two

Something that upsets you

There are so many things I could write for this one, but really, it all comes down to one thing: people. Sartre famously said, “Hell is other people.” There’s one word too many in that sentence.

I get so angry so easily, these days. (Actually, that’s a lie; I remember writing almost the exact same sentence a few years ago.) I’m sure it’s not good for me, the stress it engenders. I entertain fantasies (or, as my friend Pamela calls them, dream-based Corrections) of punching stupid people in the throat, kicking them in the nether regions, and stealing their lunch money. It’s why I don’t read comments on news websites. My dad says I take things too seriously. He’s probably right, but seriously, people are fucking idiots sometimes.

One thought on “Day Twenty-Two

  1. Interesting … because I seem to take nothing seriously. 😉 Neither extreme is probably very healthy, for opposite and obvious reasons. Maybe we balance each other out and end up worrying about the right things. Maybe.

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