“Couples Retreat,” or “Two hours of my life I’ll never get back”

After watching portions of the execrable film Couples Retreat on DVD from Netflix (no, I am not going to link to the film in any way, except to say that Rotten Tomatoes ranked it a whopping 12 percent, which I think is too much credit), it occurs to me that Netflix’s 5-star ranking system should give reviewers the option to rate movies zero stars, instead of the overly generous.

It also occurs to me that the last movie starring Vince Vaughn (three words that should strike fear in the heart of any filmgoer) that I saw—under duress, I might add—was Dodgeball, which was also a fucking piece of shit. I expected that, however, since it also starred Ben Stiller, whom I believe should never be given the funding to make a film again. But, like Ben Stiller, I am now adding Vince Vaughn to the list of people whose films I will never. Ever. See.

The list is shaping up thusly:

  • Ben Stiller
  • Eric Balfour
  • Vince Vaughn
  • Jon Favreau
  • Tom Cruise
  • Sylvester Stallone
  • Casper Van Dien

It also pains me to say that Kristen Bell is perilously close to being added to this list as well. Her project choices have been unfortunate, I think, and she can only rest on Veronica Mars’ laurels for so long.

So, who’s your box office poison?

2 thoughts on ““Couples Retreat,” or “Two hours of my life I’ll never get back”

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  2. While I found his schtick to me amusing during his SNL cheerleader days, Will Ferrell is on my list of “do not go there” actors. Vince Vaughn has long been on my list. Not really sure why I rented this movie. I think that I saw the previews and it looked funny. My co-workers thought it was funny enough to buy it. It certainly wasn’t any worse than Skyline … and if that’s the best it has going for it … it’s pretty bad! Which brings me to a conversation that I had with Jeni this weekend. Are the movies just getting worse, or is it the acting that’s getting worse?

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