100 words at a time

I’ve been working on my second novel—or maybe my third; I have a first draft of a book finished, but the one I’ve been working on more often lately is a new story. At heart I think I’m avoiding the revision of the second book, but at the same time I also don’t want to lose the thread of this one.

Here’s the thing though; I’ve been mostly writing it in strings of 100 words. No more, no less.

I’ve been lacking discipline lately, see, and so I started doing this thing called 100words that challenges you to write a hundred words, every day, for an entire month. At first I thought I’d just write completely random snippets, and the early ones were. But then I started writing completely random bits of this second (or third) book idea, and now they’re starting to knit together. And, as I’d hoped, I find myself writing beyond those hundred words.

Here’s what I wrote for yesterday:

Remember that thing with the baseball in the back of my mother’s head? Finally, I got an explanation for that.

It’s true, I do throw like a girl. I can’t fault the Billy Strattons of my high school for pointing this out. I throw left handed and I do that overhead flingy, catapult-looking thing with my wrist snapping over at the end. It looks ridiculous.

But it’s always fast, and right on target.

Coach Brandt wanted me to go out for junior varsity baseball. I couldn’t imagine. But, I did try out for archery. I’m our team’s best.

So what do you do when you lack discipline?

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