Make like a bird and fly

Since I’m a compulsive list maker, it’ll come as no surprise that I keep an Excel spreadsheet on my computer to track all of my story submissions. Each time I send out a story, I add a line to the spreadsheet listing where the story was sent, when, and whether the magazine/publication accepts simultaneous submissions. In the last column, I mark whether it was accepted or not.

There are a lot of no’s in that column.

When a story is out for consideration, I highlight the line green. When it’s available for sending out, blue. When it comes back rejected, yellow. At the moment, there are ten stories highlighted blue on that sheet. (Well, there would be eleven if you counted this one story that I haven’t looked at in seven years, but let’s not count that one for now.) It seems to me that’s way too many.

Now, I am not one to make resolutions. I still have most of the ten extra pounds with which I started 2010, and while I’m managing to save some money, it’s mostly through automatic withdrawals into my retirement account, because I have no will power otherwise. So, when I say I’m going to get these stories out the door more often this year, it’s not a resolution. It’s just something I think I should do.

And I’m starting today.

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