In search of discipline

Over at the authors’ blog for my forthcoming book’s publisher, I’ve written a post about my experience with a site called, something I embarked on because last month I was stuck on several writing projects lately and, instead of focusing on one, I’ve been bouncing among them and getting very little done. My writing output slowed to almost nothing, and I was finding it very easy to play hooky and doing anything but write. So, my friend Scott suggested this. After all, anyone can write a hundred words, right?

Can you do it every day for a month, though?

I decided to find out. The answer, apparently, is yes. And several of the posts have ended up being parts of a draft for my next novel. Not bad.

So tell me: what do you do to reinforce self-discipline?

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2 thoughts on “In search of discipline

  1. Chastity Cage.

    Oh wait, that’s not the kind of self-discipline you were talking about. If on;y I had the self-discipline to not post the obvious lame jokes.

    I tend to rely on pacts I make with a close friend or colleague with a payoff/penalty if I don’t produce.

    But in the spirit of 100 words, I think success may stem more from a commitment that while requiring some stretch and self-discipline is within the realm of possibility.

    • Chastity Cage sounds like the name of a drag queen. 🙂 And don’t withhold so-called lame jokes on my account. I’m just as likely to crack them myself.

      I do the same thing with my friend Pamela—we arrange occasional days of writing where we get together and just write. If we back out or don’t accomplish anything, we give each other slight grief. Then we buy gelato.

      I agree also with the commitment within the realm of possibility. There’s no point in saying “I’m going to write five thousand words a day for the next week” if you haven’t even been able to write a hundred. That said, if you get through your hundred, there’s nothing that says you have to stop before you get to word #101. A blog/Twitter/Facebook friend and writer, Jim Black, posted something related to this recently as well.

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