Can you hear me? I’m connecting with you

OK, I’m borrowing this but giving credit where it’s due. Over on his blog, Nathan Bransford asked his readers what their favorite song is. I know, it’s like choosing your favorite child, right? I couldn’t do it either, though I did narrow my choice down to one of four Kate Bush songs. (I limited it to one artist; that’s pretty good, isn’t it?)

Music has inspired my writing on more than one occasion, which is funny since I need almost total silence if I’m going to get any writing done. As I was writing my first book, I compiled a bunch of songs into a playlist on my iPod that ended up being what I considered the soundtrack to my book. I didn’t actually listen to it while I was writing, but when I wasn’t writing, I played it a lot and thought about bookish things. Maybe it helped, I don’t know.

So, here’s a question—or actually several: what music inspires you? Have you ever written anything inspired by a particular piece of music? Do you listen to music while you write?

(Oh, and here’s another question: What’s the song referenced in the title of this entry? No cheating by Googling it. And you, Huntington: I know you know the answer to this, so sit this one out. 🙂 )

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9 thoughts on “Can you hear me? I’m connecting with you

  1. I don’t know the song, but I bet it’s Kyle.

    Like you, I have an “Emily” playlist, and like you I actually don’t listen to it when I’m writing, but I listen to it when I’m walking, and running about town. Each characters have some songs I think are “them” etc. … When I write I actually usually listen to the soundtrack of Firefly, Serenity, Chocolat, The Pierces and the soundtracks from the Twilight movies and Pretty Little Liars. Laugh if you want at Twilight and PLL — but the music is great.

    • I can listen to instrumental/classical music sometimes, but if I listen to, say, a Battlestar Galactica soundtrack, I will focus on it too much and get taken right out of my own story and into that one.

      I think maybe I’ll post the track listing for my book soundtrack in a while….

      • OH! I have BSG All Along The Watchtower on the ipod. You know, I will never ever love a “space” show as much as I love Firefly, but BSG came thisclose. I looked forward to every episode of that show.

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