My novel’s soundtrack, or “It came without a warning or a clue”

In an earlier post, when I asked about music that inspires your writing, I mentioned that my book has a soundtrack of sorts, songs that I listened to often while I was writing, or songs that came up randomly in iTunes and made me think of a character or a scene. Per Marika’s request, I present the list here.

  • Breathe Me, Sia
  • Moments Of Pleasure, Kate Bush
  • I Wasn’t Looking (When I Found Love), Emma Bunton
  • Summertime, The Sundays
  • Wild Horses, Susan Boyle
  • Precious, Erasure
  • Don’t Push Your Foot On The Heartbrake, Kate Bush
  • What Have I Done To Deserve This? Pet Shop Boys
  • Save Me Darling, Erasure
  • I’m with Stupid, Pet Shop Boys
  • DHDQ, Andy Bell
  • Stand Back, Stevie Nicks
  • White Lies  (Radio Edit), Paul Van Dyk (with Jessica Sutta)
  • Somebody Else’s Business, Pet Shop Boys
  • Break My Fall, Tiësto Feat BT
  • So Long, ABBA
  • You Don’t Treat Me No Good, Sonia Dada
  • Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me, The Pipettes
  • Calling It Quits, Aimee Mann
  • Shambala, Three Dog Night
  • One By One, Enya
  • Mornin Song, Monica Casey
  • Dizzy, Throwing Muses
  • Grand Canyon, Tracey Thorn
  • Flamboyant (Michael Mayer Kompakt Mix), Pet Shop Boys
  • Gray, Amie Miriello
  • They Don’t Know About Us, Tracy Ullman
  • Love Locked Inside, Voice of the Beehive
  • The Saltwater Room, Owl City
  • Get Together, Madonna
  • Wild Horses, The Sundays
  • Who Knows Where The Time Goes? Judy Collins
  • The Dreaming Road, Mary Chapin Carpenter
  • Lovers Rock, Sade

As you can imagine, I’ve tinkered with this playlist to no end, changed the order, deleted songs that, in hindsight, don’t fit the story anymore. This is pretty good, at least until the director’s cut.

    PS: Let it be noted that no one is more acutely aware than me of the absence in this track list of Kylie. Had Aphrodite come out before I was finished with the book, it’s certain “Looking for an Angel” would have been an inspiring song. So consider that a bonus track.

    PPS: Hey, Marika! I’ve shown you mine; you show me yours!

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    1. Do you know what is amazing … our warped minds and all? When I was writing Phone Kitten … Wild Horses – The Sundays, Shambala – Three Dog Night, They Don’t Know About Us – Tracey Ullman … all on my playlist.

      Similar Who Needs Love Like That – Erasure
      Angel’s Never Call – Til Tuesday

      replace Kate Bush with Siouxsie and The Banshees…

      we are very close! i will post for what I am working on now

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