What’s a 140-letter word for “Ow”?

So, I decided to write this blog spot in a series of tweet-length bursts. Why? That pretty much describes my attention span with this pain. (139)

I’ve been having this bout of low back pain since Feb. 7. I bent over to pick up a dog food bowl, and that’s all it took to screw things up. (140)

Since then, it’s migrated from my lower back into sciatica, which gives me stabbing pain in my right glute and shooting pains down my leg. (138)

I’ve been to the doctor and gotten a prescription for muscle relaxants, and made two visits to the acupuncturist. Still, it hurts like hell. (140)

When the pain was in my low back, it really hurt to lie down. I slept in a recliner for a few nights. That helped the pain but not my sleep. (140)

Now that it’s turned into sciatica, it hurts to lie down, stand up, walk, cough laugh, sneeze. Sitting is OK, but the pain is still there. (138)

The way this pain distracts me is much like trying to hold a conversation in a room where there’s also a television that you can’t turn off. (140)

You try to focus on the person talking, but in the background all you hear is the dialogue coming through the TV, and it sounds like this: (138)

“Ow. Ouch. Ow ow ow ow ow ow. Lean back. Ow. No, don’t do that. Lean forward. Oh, not that either. Sit. Stand. No, sit down again. No. Ow.” (139)

Or maybe compare it to reading when someone is also talking to you at the same time. Eventually, the words in the air and on the page blur. (139)

It’s even more fun when that voice is chattering in your ear while you’re trying to go to sleep. Explains why I slept only 3 hours Tuesday. (139)

So you start dividing your day into small, manageable chunks that center around avoiding or minimizing the pain as much as you possibly can. (140)

Getting out of bed (or, in my case, getting out of the recliner) is usually the worst. That’s when the pain is hottest. It shouts at you. (137)

Fortunately, it’s usually less intense as the day goes on, but that’s all relative. The sciatica is worse than the original back pain.  (135)

This isn’t the first time this has happened. It started in 2003. I herniated a disc doing yardwork. (Advice: Never uproot a shrub by hand.) (139)

It also drastically reduces your patience, because it’s hard to concentrate on two things at once; the pain is always one of those things. (139)

Basically, it sucks. (20)

And it usually lasts six weeks. Three weeks to go. (40)

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2 thoughts on “What’s a 140-letter word for “Ow”?

  1. But how’s the recliner sex?

    Seriously though, Ow, and double Ow.

    Sorry you have to endure something so intense for so long.

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