Two more days to get “Normal”

So, as I mentioned back here on the first of the month, in honor of Untreed Reads’ first anniversary, I’m giving away a copy of my short story “New Normal” at the end of the month. (Check that earlier entry for details on how to submit your entry.) Don’t look now—well, actually, yes, look now—the end of the month is this Monday. Meaning that on Tuesday, I’ll send an e-mail to the lucky winner letting them know how to get their story.

At the moment, that winner would be one of two people. Yes, I could take that to mean that everyone reading this has already bought a copy of the story—and if you did, thank you! By the way, if you did buy a copy, what did you think of it? Could you take a moment to go back to the store where you downloaded it and leave a review? I’d be eager to know.

Unless you hated it, in which case I’ll just say all sales are final.

Kidding! (Well, not really, as I’m pretty sure all sales are final, but if you didn’t like it, tell me what didn’t work for you.)

Where was I? Oh, right. Two entries. If you haven’t bought it and are interested in reading it, your odds of winning it are pretty darn good. You’ve got until midnight on Monday. Go for it!

(If, on the other hand, contests are not your thing, my story and every other title at Untreed Reads is 25% off through the end of the month.)

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