In Good Company on the ‘Mean Streets’

If anyone looks at my publishing credits, they’ll notice a few trends. Lately, they would notice that I have the good fortune to be part of the roster at Bold Strokes Books, a strong indie LGBT publisher. They’re publishing my novel, Detours, this November; my story “Lifeblood” was included in last year’s anthology Blood Sacraments, and my next three published stories—”Murder on the Midway,” “The Trouble with Billy,” and “Landfall”—all will be in anthologies published by Bold Strokes. It’s safe to say that if it weren’t for Bold Strokes, my list of publishing credits would be much shorter.

The other thing you may notice, if you go back to my first fiction publication, Fool for Love, would be my friend ‘Nathan. Although my first published piece was in Paws and Reflect, Fool for Love was my first fiction publication, as it was for him too. Since then, it often feels like we’re in the same graduating class at college, because we’ve shown up in so many of the same places in print. There’s good reason for that, as he’s a very talented writer. I count myself as privileged in that I often get to read his stories before they hit print, as he does with mine. (He’s saved me from more than a few embarrassing errors, flubs, and typos along the way.)

I only hope that Men of the Mean Streets is just the latest of many publication credits we’ll share. Mazel tov, my friend!

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