Men of the Mean Streets, Part the First

So, my friend ‘Nathan recently wrote a note on Facebook in which he went through each of the stories in Men of the Mean Streets, the anthology coming out from Bold Strokes Books that features work by both of us, along with several mutual friends and great writers. I’m not a fast reader, so I’ve only finished the first story in the anthology, but it’s ‘Nathan’s, which I had the pleasure of reading before I got the advance copy.

Now, in his review of the book, he skipped his own entry, which is understandable but is an omission that should be corrected. So let me just say that “Keeping the Faith” is a grim tale about a detective hired by a priest to find something that’s been stolen from him. Getting it back won’t be so straightforward, and I can’t tell you more without giving away the key that puts a wonderful twist on a standard noir trope. It left me wanting more, and I hope ‘Nathan revisits this character in the future.

I think ‘Nathan is a faster reader than I am, because he’s gone through the whole book and given his thoughts on each story. I’m hoping to do that here and there, but probably only one story at a time. That may make me a dreadful tease, but given that the book doesn’t come out until August, at least I’m prolonging the anticipation.

It’s going to be really good.

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