Indie LGBTQ publishers, a preface

You’ll recall that recently I mentioned an article I wrote on LGBTQ publishing for a friend’s newsletter and, unfortunately, the story got spiked. In the process, though, I contacted a couple of independent presses to round out the information I’d gleaned from last month’s panel at Saints & Sinners on current trends in LGBTQ publishing (and publishing in general). In a book environment that’s as changing as the current one, I think there are a lot of opportunities for nimble outfits to carve their own niche, and I was looking forward to getting the word out about them. My own publisher, Bold Strokes Books, is probably one of the most notable in that regard, but you’ve heard me go on and on about them already (and likely will in the future). Who else is out there?

A lot, actually. So, when the story got spiked, I decided instead to post my email interviews here on the blog (that’s what it’s for, right?) in a Q&A format. I’ll put up the first one, with Jameson Currier of Chelsea Station Editions, in the next day or so, and the second, with Linda Daniel, president of P.D. Publishing, after that.

One thing that I really admire about them both is their can-do attitudes toward putting forward new voices. And they’re not the only ones. It’s always encouraging to encounter people who are passionate about the written word. Seek them out whenever you can!

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