A conversation with Greg Herren

It is safe to say that without the support and encouragement of a whole lot of people, my book would not be getting published this year. Close to the top (if not at the very top) of that list is Greg Herren. He was the second person to accept one of my short stories for publication (that it wasn’t until five years later that he was able to include a story of mine—and a completely different one, at that—in an anthology is a sad tale of a publisher’s demise that I’ll save for another time). Then, in 2009, he asked to hear more about the book I had been working on since 2003.

Greg is so prolific and dedicated to his craft, he always makes me feel like a slacker. I had the good fortune to interview him for Lambda Literary’s website recently. Go here and read it, and tell me afterwards if you don’t feel like a slacker too.

(Thanks, Greg!)

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