Stories, Amazons, and keeping track of your characters

I swear, it seems like Friday takes longer to get here every week. This weekend is PrideFest here in St. Louis, and Saturday is St. Louis Frontrunners’ Pride 5K in Lafayette Park. Mike is running in the race (I’m hoping to bike down and cheer him on), and I’m planning to go to Tower Grove Park on Sunday at some point to say hello to some friends I haven’t seen in a while.

I was emailing my friend ‘Nathan and found myself going through the list of writing assignments on my plate at the moment: two short stories for anthologies my editor has requested (due November 1); two other stories I’ve been revisit intermittently for some time now (they have no predestined homes, but one I’m hoping to send to gay spec-fix magazine Icarus, and the other I’m going to send to Glimmer Train, because it never hurts to dream; besides, like Debbie Harry sang, dreaming is free).

And then there’s book number two. I’ve been working on writing (and then rewriting) a short story for the past month or so (yes, it takes me that long, but only because I’m easily distracted), and now that I’m finally done with that, I am picking up the threads of the Amazon book. I know how it ends and I know how it starts, but it also has a bigger supporting cast than my last book so I’ve been working on character profiles; I feel like I need a suspects board like Kate Beckett and Rick Castle use to keep track of everyone.

(How do you keep track of your characters when you’ve got lots of them running around?)

Whatever you’re up to, have a wonderful weekend!