Holy Rollers Detours, Batman!

Detours and Holy RollersI swear, people are going to start thinking Rob Byrnes is my other twin. (The first twin being, of course, ‘Nathan, since we appear in an inordinate number of anthologies together. No, this is not by design; we just seem lucky that way.)

Anyhow. InsightOutBooks is presenting our books as a featured bundle. Is it wrong that I’m tempted to order this? Rob let me read the first few chapters of Holy Rollers while he was working on it, and it was a hoot. I must admit, the description of my book presented on the aforementioned page makes it sound like more of a laugh riot than it actually is, but there are plenty of humorous moments. And for the record, the only person in the book riding through life on a cloud would be Joel’s mother, and that’s only because she’s dead.

But anyway, what are you waiting for? Go pre-order. Go on, really.