Don we now our gay apparel

I love the holidays. Hey, don’t be so surprised. I know I haven’t put up a tree in years—and I may affect a bah-humbug disposition at the best of times—but I love a lot of things about this time of year: visiting family, the cold weather, the seemingly endless parade of food and drinks; and the sense of anticipation.

In keeping with that sense of anticipation, here’s something to look forward to: I’ll be reading a Christmas story (with a sort of gay twist—but then, that describes a lot of my work) at 7 p.m. this December 15 at the St. Louis Artists’ Guild. I’m a member of their Literary Arts Section and will be joining my fellow members Chris Bauer, Jeff Howe, Gail Marshall, John Newmark, Matt Quinn, and Jenifer Wallace as we read prose and poetry in keeping with the spirit of the season. And by the way, it’s free.

Want details? Of course you do. And you’ll find them all right over here….