Days like that

I need more of them.

Since I didn’t have to go to the office yesterday, I got up late (which, for me, means sleeping in until 6 a.m.) and then went to the gym, followed by a late breakfast/early lunch at Hartford Coffee Company. (I also took that opportunity to drive past my old house again—still for sale, along with the house two doors down, which my old neighbor from across the street redid and made look fabulous.) I came home, let the dogs out, and did some more writing, then had dinner and went off to a meeting of my writing group.

Thrilling stuff, no?

I have a lot I need to get done this year. Well, actually, I have One Big Thing I need to get done: my next novel. I also have a story due in March sometime, as well as a call for submissions that’s due in April, which I’m also thinking about.

I’m not calling any of those goals resolutions though. I don’t want to be disappointed if none of them come to pass (which, of course, is never a problem because I’m so focused and disciplined—that was sarcasm, by the way; could you tell?).

I resolve not to resolve. There. That’s my resolution. But the novel really will get done, though.

If I were to make a resolution, it would probably be to lose ten pounds. I’ve started running more, and cheese and I are officially on a break. (My cholesterol turned sky high late last year, so on this I really have been more disciplined than usual—except for that grilled cheese sandwich last week. Sigh.)

My fellow writing group member Pat is doing something that could help though. She’s a food writer and has been blogging about her efforts to be healthier. She’s having great luck with it, and she’s posting some of her recipes. (I want to try the black-eyed peas and whole wheat couscous.) Check out A Food Writer Skinnies Up, and if you see her, tell her how fabulous she looks.

Oh, I know one other thing I need to do: turn on Freedom more often.

(By the way, go read this: “What Would Shakespeare Do?” by Julie Smith.)

3 thoughts on “Days like that

  1. Talk about resolutions–I gave them up many years ago. However, this is a new beginning for me and I have really enjoyed your blog, insights to your writing process and have been amazed by your discipline. I’ve had a rough year and my time on-line learning about all of you has been wonderful. I’m an actor and I am returning the the stage this year–actually this month. I just want to say thanks as you have inspired me. I will never understand how you all call yourself introverted as I can fall off my chair with some of your commentary. You a great writer and I will continue to follow you on facebook and buy all your works. (BTW, I told my friend she needed to buy “Detours” because you spent all Christmas week working on your next novel!) Have a fun New Year, Jeffrey.

  2. Writing the personal essay is my favorite genre of creative writing. At this moment I’ve got a children’s picture book idea I’m struggling with; many drafts of it written but I can’t find the key to make it into a compelling story (this can go on for years as it did once with another picture book that ended up getting published but it took a decade.) I also have a finished novel that I haven’t looked at in three years (when it got six rejections) and I’m revving up courage now to go back to it and do another draft. And I’m a third of the way through a non-fiction book, Kicking In the Wall, already sold that I told you about a few posts back. All of these projects can feel like a very long marriage.

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