Wherein I ponder the sophomore slump

Over at Untreed Reads—which has published two of my short stories: New Normal and Maternal Instincts (the one I like to describe as “a desperate housewife with fangs”)—they’ve been shining the spotlight this month on authors from the Show-Me state (that’s Missouri for those not in the know), and while I’m not from Missouri, I’m certainly in  Missouri. Today I’m blogging over there on my fear of the sophomore slump, and while I’m slogging away on chapter seven of book #2, I seem to be settling into the long dark teatime of the novel’s soul.

Oh, and in case you haven’t got them yet, those two stories and a lot of others are on sale this month, 30% off. (Cheap and easy, that’s me.) You’ve got another day to get them. Just sayin’.

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