A reading, a chapter, and a well-groomed dog

If yesterday showed me anything, it’s that I should post to my blog more often. Thursday’s post got more traffic than the blog typically gets in an entire week. (Granted, that’s not hard to do, considering my usual track record is once a fortnight.) Mind you, I also think that “Don’t speak unless you can improve the silence” is a good rule to live by, so let’s hope I have something to say more often.

And I do have something to say today. Mark your calendars for March 13 (that’s a Tuesday), when I’ll be doing a reading and book signing at the St. Louis Artists’ Guild at 7 p.m.. I’ll be reading from Detours, my first novel, and might sneak in an excerpt from my work in progress. Want more details? My fellow writing group member Jeannette put together a nifty little flyer.

Right. I took today off to work on Chapter Eight of book #2, and I’m going to get back to that. Finishing Chapter Seven last week felt like slaying a dragon, and working on this one feels more like attending to a petulant child. I also took Dakota to the groomer, and he turned out quite nicely. Do you want to see a picture? Of course you do:

Dakota, post-haircut

2 thoughts on “A reading, a chapter, and a well-groomed dog

  1. Why yes, we do want to see Dakota all groomed up and I like your rule but if I might be so bold as to request you toss that one OUT. Kindly and thanks to @missliberty I arrive, *karendianne.

    • Aw, thanks! I’m just mindful of my own propensity to babble. I often feel my online signal-to-noise ratio is all out of whack, but hey, a doggie picture always puts everything back in balance. (That @missliberty is darn awesome, isn’t she?)

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