My Friday

Bourbon Street, Clover Grill

We’ve been in New Orleans all week. It seems we’ve been here a lot in the past few years—this is the third time since last May—and though I always say “maybe we should just move here” whenever we leave St. Louis for someplace else, I have to admit that I wouldn’t do well in this city. I love it, but it’s too warm and too humid.

Mind you, St. Louis is not much better, which is why I always cast my eye northward (like Yukon).

I’m looking forward to our next visit in May for Saints & Sinners, but I’m also looking forward to being home, which is what the picture above reminded me of, as I watched this lady walk her Westie past Café Lafitte in Exile across the street from the Clover Grill. It’ll be nice to get back to Dakota and Anya. Work? Well, we’ll worry about that on Monday.

While I’ve been here, I’ve finished writing a short story, which will be submitted to the editors of an anthology as soon as I get this post wrapped up and give it one more once-over—thanks go out to my two beta readers who graciously sent me feedback on short notice. You guys are great. Me, I’m still not sure, which is the topic of this essay from Glimmer Train’s March bulletin, on when doubt is actually a good sign.