I feel like reading tonight

So. Tonight’s the reading at the St. Louis Artists’ Guild, and I’ve chosen the bits from the novel I’m going to read, practiced, made edits so it sounds coherent when read out loud, and practiced some more. Worried that it was too short, picked an additional passage to read, edited, practiced.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Snacks have been procured (because an audience that’s not hungry seems likely to be more forgiving), and I’ve got a small box of books in case anyone wants to buy one. (Thanks, Left Bank!) All that’s left is to get through the day and hope that this ends up being a good hair day.

Well, that and hope that people show up. (You’re coming, right?)

In other news, here’s a fantabulous review of Detours at examiner.com.

I finished the (very) rough draft of a story about a demon this weekend, so now I have to transcribe it and find some willing victims to read it and tell me what’s wrong with it before I send it to the editor. Then it’s back to book #2, where chapter nine waits to be unscrambled.

3 thoughts on “I feel like reading tonight

  1. I hope it went well. I rec’d a copy of Speaking Out and I “vaguely” remember that your new novel includes the characters Sarah, Billy and Jamie. Did I get that right? The LGBTQ Teen fiction in the libraries is very popular and it’s great that you’re tapping this new market. I won’t gush but your story was so complete and thought-provoking. I want to read Nathan’s novel, too. Both of you are great writers of short stories. See, I didn’t gush too much. 😉

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