One Chapter to Go

As in, I am one chapter away from finishing the first draft of book 2. I can do this.

In fact, I can do this this weekend. There, I’ve said it. I’m throwing down the gauntlet. By the end of the day Monday (because this weekend is a holiday, for my non-U.S. friends and readers), I will be able to write the words THE END on this. And then go back to the beginning and start revising.

I would say Amazons is why I haven’t been blogging much these past few months, but that’s not exactly true. I haven’t been blogging because I’m utterly lazy sometimes. (Well, perhaps that’s only part of the story, but it is part of it.) I can’t even swear that once the draft is done, I’ll blog more. But—but!—I do have a couple things I want to blog about. Namely, I have some copies of anthologies my work has appeared in, and I’d like to give them away. (I’m taking a page from my friend ‘Nathan’s playbook there. By the way, he blogs lots more than I do, especially lately. Go read his posts about short story month.) I also have a few t-shirts I’d like to give away. No, not just any old t-shirts (I can’t imagine why anyone would want my old clothes; I don’t treat them well), but rather some t-shirts I had made when Detours came out. Here’s the aforementioned ‘Nathan holding one up for size.

Anyway, look for all that soon. Eventually. You know. But first, the first draft. Then I’ll be back.