My workspace. Getting ready to #WRITELIKECRAZY.If you’re a fan of the writer Tayari Jones (and if you’re not, I highly recommend becoming one, because she is wonderful), you may have noticed on her blog that she is going to spend the month of August writing like crazy, and she’s invited other writers to join her—working at whatever pace and toward whatever goal works for them. Her goal’s to spend two hours a day writing.

My goal? Finish the revision of the second book.

Oh, I have other small goals too besides this one; I have an essay I need to finish, an application I need to submit. If I get those done, there’s also a story about a ten-foot-tall cat that I’ve been trying to get done for the better part of a year. But the book comes first.

First things first: preparing your space. You can see what mine looks like in the picture over to the right. Click through to see notes on what everything is (hint: that’s not vodka in the glass—yet). I don’t have to be at work until 3, so as soon as I’m done posting this, the laptop is closing and I’m picking up the pen. Hopefully, I’ll finish marking up the current chapter before lunch.

Got a goal? What’s yours? Share it in the comments or  over on Ms. Jones’s Facebook page. The more the merrier!

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  1. I don’t know. I can smell the vodka from here…just kidding! Just self-published my first e-book last week, and my goal for August is to finish writing my second, and begin revisions. Good luck to you!

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