A few observations from my first week in Vancouver

It takes a long time to get places on the bus, but you can actually get places.

Things are a little expensive. Okay, a lot expensive.

I didn’t pack nearly enough workout clothes.

I am walking so much that I think I’m already losing weight.

The people here are really, really polite. They have also been very, very kind.

Everyone ends up wanting to talk about American politics.

I am making a lot of progress on my novel revisions. (No, I am still not done.)

I am surrounded by a lot of talent.

I am also surrounded by views like this:

Views around Green College

I am still awaiting that 3 a.m. “Oh my God what have I done?” moment. I’m sure it will come. I’ll deal with it when it does.

I am beginning to desperately miss my dogs and my man.

But if my first week is any indication, I think things will be good here.

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