Somewhere over the Rainbow (Awards)

Hey, it's got a hottie on the cover....Elisa Rolle is a book lover who reads a ton and writes reviews at her blog. Every year she organizes the Rainbow Awards, which looks like a fairly herculean effort involving hundreds of books (over 480 this year) in tons of categories and scads of judges. Scads, I tell you. It all culminates in December when she announces who won what on her blog.

No, Detours didn’t win anything. But! It got an honorable mention in Best Gay Contemporary General Fiction and Best Gay Debut Novel/Book. (To quote Susan Lucci, it’s a privilege just to be nominated.) And! Several of my friends and fellow writers got numerous awards, including Rebekah Weatherspoon for best lesbian debut novel/book for Better off Red and Ken O’Neill for best gay debut novel for The Marrying Kind.

The complete list is here. Go take a look; hopefully you’ll find something intriguing to add to your reading list (because you’ve already read Detours, right? Right?)