There’s no place like home, or “I’ll be in the kitchen”

I’ve been home from grad school for a week now. The thing that strikes me most is how easily I fall back into my old routines: up at 5, gym by 6, home by 7:30—and then the routine falls apart, because I don’t have to be at work by 8:30 anymore.

You’d think I would be doing a lot of writing instead, and I am doing some, but not nearly as much as I might hope. (This, of course, is always the case. I’m never writing as much as I’d hope.) There’s a story I’m working on for my advanced fiction workshop that’s still giving me trouble. I get bits and pieces of it but I’m still lacking the key piece that will make the first draft complete. I’m also working on an essay for an upcoming anthology, and as always, these things never turn out quite the way I expected. That is not necessarily a bad thing.

I’ve also got a proof to review for another anthology coming out next year, and I just got word that an anthology in which I’ll have an essay just got turned in to the publisher. So, all in all, a good week as far as seeing past productivity pay off. I just need a little more current productivity.

cookieWhat I have been doing more of since I got home is cook. Back at grad school, I’m staying at a residential college for graduate students and post-docs (think dorm life for [mostly] grown-ups), and there’s a common kitchen available for everyone to use. The ideology of sharing was drilled into my head by my parents and Sesame Street, but when it comes to the kitchen, it’s nice to know where everything is and not have to wonder, can I use this? Do we have a…? Where’s the…?

So far, I’ve made a batch of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies (pictured), a somewhat modified version of Tayari Jones’ Southern mac and cheese, and a big crock pot full of Italian bean and pasta soup, as well as a curried (fake) chicken and couscous. I’ll be doing the mac and cheese again due to popular demand, and I’m also going to make a lasagna. I’m also planning to do some baking for gift-giving, and then for my grand finale, I think I might try to make this.

By the time I leave, the freezer will be full of leftovers. And I’ll need to go (back) on a (much stricter) diet (than the one I’m already on and have completely blown).

(Also, I use parentheses way too much.)

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    • Yep! Twitter folks got a sneak peek on those. I really love this recipe. I’ve got a Hubbard pumpkin from last year that I roasted, cut up and froze, so I’ve got lots for more batches. Dangerously good!

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