Your terrible year

It seems that no matter whom I ask, the prevailing sentiment about 2012 is God, that sucked. So, I feel fortunate that it played out pretty well for me. I just hope 2013 works out to be better for more people than the last year was.

I’ve been thinking, though. I don’t do New Year’s resolutions, and while I have some obvious goals for 2013, they all revolve around writing—well, except for that whole “need to lose five more pounds,” which is perennial. (Actually, since I gained five pounds when I went home for Christmas, make that “need to lose ten pounds.”) My point, though, is that my life is not just about writing.

No, really.

And anyway, “let my hair grow long enough that I have a ponytail” is not really a resolution (though grad school is likely the last time I can even try to pull that look off). However, my residence at grad school is an environment filled with musically inclined people. Even a respectable portion of the science and business grad students can sing, or play piano, or some other instrument.

When I was walking through the bookstore yesterday, I noticed that they have guitars for sale. They don’t cost that much. So, that’s a thought I’m thinking.

Anyone out there play guitar? How hard is it to pick up?

4 thoughts on “Your terrible year

  1. 2012 was excellent for me personally, though I can understand why some folks would think it was a bad year overall. (And, hey, the election could have gone MUCH worse.)

    But that doesn’t mean 2013 can’t be better – bring it on!

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