How to tell if you’re in grad school: a one-question pop quiz

Q: Did you stay up all night last night, apart from a two-hour nap, in order to finish a short story that needed to be turned in, even though it was a Saturday night and there were loads of other things you’d have much rather been doing, like sleeping?

If you answered “yes,” congratulations. You’re in grad school.

I’m not complaining though, not really. If anything, I’m kicking myself over poor planning and time management. On the bright side, I do have a completed story draft at the end of all this, and when I thought I was going to have to pull something out of my slush pile, I opened up an older, un-workshopped story and started cleaning it up. I might submit it later in the semester, although ideally I want to write another story first. I have one in process that, like the one I turned in, has been lingering for ages and just needs to be done.

Add to that two requests for stories around some interesting topics that may or may not be suitable for class (translated: they’re a bit naughty). I have a couple ideas for those already, and I think they’ll be fun.

It’s not all work though. I also went snowshoeing this weekend at Mount Seymour in North Vancouver. It’s funny going from rain in the city to snow in the mountains in the space of less than an hour. Once we got there, it took a little under two hours to get from the bottom to the top (heh-heh, “bottom to top;” hi, by the way—I’m twelve years old) with a lot of slipping and sliding along the way. Also, I need warmer gloves. I did take pictures, but naturally, I left the cord for this particular camera in St. Louis. If I find one I can borrow, I’ll post them later. It was beautiful. Cloudy, but beautiful.

And sliding back down on your ass was loads of fun.

3 thoughts on “How to tell if you’re in grad school: a one-question pop quiz

  1. I answered “yes”. grad school for me. I’m just a master procrastinator.

    This snowshoeing thing; I shall enjoy it vicariously through you. Go ahead.

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