Food, food, oh my God, food

(Bonus points if you get the paraphrased reference in the subject line.)

I think I’ve probably said before that, in my time in Vancouver at graduate school, I can’t say that I’ve missed St. Louis all that much. Yes, I miss Michael, and yes, I miss my dogs, as well as my friends there (and also my most favorite bookstore on the planet). But I’m going back in a week, and I’ll be there through the end of July (working feverishly on my thesis) before returning to Vancouver.

Any of you who live in St. Louis, or know the Midwest in general, likely know what July in St. Louis means—temperatures in the mid-nineties (mid to upper thirties for my Canadian friends) and 90%-plus humidity. No breeze, and no ocean in sight. Also, allergies.

This, I am not looking forward to.

So maybe it would be more accurate to say that I don’t miss St. Louis weather. Mind you, I also don’t miss spending time in one blue dot surrounded by a whole lot of red-state stupidity. (I’m looking at you, Todd Akin, Phyllis Schlafly, and Rush Limbaugh.) Which is not to say that Missouri or the United States has cornered the market on stupidity. Canada also has its share of dumb and dumber, of course. I mean, look who’s in charge.

But one thing did come to mind this week when I got into a conversation about gelato with some friends here. We’ve gone for frozen yogurt on a number of occasions, and when the topic of gelato came up, I mentioned that I hadn’t noticed very many gelaterias. People made a couple recommendations and I eventually made my way to Bella Gelateria down by the convention center (although I suppose I should spell that “centre,” this being Canada and all; and I should probably put the comma outside the quotation marks, but I have my limits).

Later someone asked me how it was. “It was good,” I said, “but there’s this place back in St. Louis called Gelato di Riso on the Hill that I like better.”

This was the point when I realized I’d had this conversation before. Italian food? “Oh, there’s this place back in St. Louis called Zia’s….” Beer? “Oh, there’s this microbrewery called The Civil Life….” Pizza? “Oh, the Chicago style at Blackthorn Pub back in St. Louis….” Lebanese? “Saleem’s out in West County….”

So yes, there’s one other thing I miss about St. Louis: the food. They really know how to eat—and how to cook. Which is not to say there aren’t good places here in Vancouver—I don’t think anything quite compares to The Naam, and hello, poutine—but when I’m back in St. Louis starting in May, I suspect there will be a whole lot of eating going on.

And I’ll come back to Vancouver a few pounds heavier.

(Still wondering about the title reference? Here’s the answer.)

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