Saints & Sinners in pictures

2013 Saints & Sinners Literary FestivalIt always takes me a while to edit photos once I come back from a trip. This is not necessarily because I’m a perfectionist, but more typically because I’m not the world’s best picture-taker, so I rely on Photoshop and Camera Raw to salvage what I can.

Without further ado, here are the shots I took last month in New Orleans at the Saints & Sinners Literary Festival. I always look forward to this event. One of the best things about writing (besides having written, as Dorothy Parker famously said) is the group of friends and compatriots and, occasionally, partners in crime that I’ve met as a result. Those two guys pictured to the right, for example. That’s ‘Nathan (Burgoine) Smith and (Famous Author) Rob Byrnes (who needs to have his people update his website—ahem). Rob was the guy who passed along the call for submissions that resulted in my first published piece of creative writing (an essay about my dog, Dakota), and both ‘Nathan and Rob were included in the anthology that contained my first published piece of fiction. I often feel like ‘Nathan and I are in the same class at How to Be A Writer School, and I can’t wait to read his novel Light, which comes out this October.

There are lots more people like ‘Nathan and Rob whom I love catching up with at Saints & Sinners, not least of whom is my editor Greg Herren. He never fails to make me laugh and give me things to think about. Likewise, my friends Tim and Becky, editors of my aforementioned first fiction, are always a pleasure to see, and so many others to boot.

And I even got to record a vlog with author Carsen Taite, talking about my upcoming novel and all sorts of other writerly things. Of course, there was a rather… odd moment in the middle of it where I might have lost my composure, but I won’t spoil the surprise.

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  1. I’m in love with that opening shot. Whole album, too, of course, but I love Byrnes’ smile.

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