A long time ago—well, actually, it was only four years ago. Four years! It seems like so much more time has passed since then, perhaps because so many things in my life have changed in the interim.

Where was I? Oh, right. So, four years ago my first published story, “At the End of the Leash,” appeared in the anthology Fool for Love: New Gay Fiction, edited by Timothy J. Lambert and R.D. Cochrane. I love this anthology not just because it was my first or because I’m in it, but because so many people I adore were involved, from the editors Tim and Becky to a whole bunch of authors I’ve come to know and love, including ’Nathan Burgoine, Rob Byrnes, Greg Herren, David Puterbaugh, Joel Derfner, and many others.

When Tim and Becky said they were doing it again, I submitted a story titled “Tea” and crossed my fingers. And now, I’m happy to say, it’s going to be appearing alongside work by many of the same writers from the first edition, along with several new people.

This past week we also got this lovely cover reveal:


Please note the preponderance of red, which is my favorite color.

Foolish Hearts comes out January 14, 2014. May I suggest it’ll make a stellar Valentine’s Day gift?