What’s your favorite literary mashup?

I think I’ve probably mentioned before that I love mashups. One of my favorite versions of the song “Call Me Maybe” mixed it with a song by Taylor Swift and one by Jessie J (by the way, hello, I have the musical tastes of a thirteen-year-old girl and I will admit to liking all the songs you’re too ashamed to admit that, hey, you like too). I also loved crossover episodes of TV shows, like when Ally McBeal suddenly popped up on another show. (I am completely dating myself by referring to Ally McBeal, I know, but at least it kind of counterbalances the thirteen-year-old’s musical tastes.)

I also love it in writing. Across the Universe by Beth Revis was one of my favourite YA book series recently. It was YA, but it was also science fiction, and the first installment was a murder mystery. YA murder mystery in space—when was the last time you read one of those? My friend Michael Thomas Ford wrote a hilarious series of novels revolving around Jane Austen, living in upstate New York as a vampire bookseller trying in vain (see what I did there?) to get a new novel published.

I guess I like everything a little weird.

It’s all over my own writing too. I just finished a story for a submission call asking for romantic winter-themed stories, so naturally I set mine on an ice planet on the edge of the galaxy. (Because where else would you go to find romance, right?) there was also the story I wrote for Riding the Rails, an anthology that was all erotica revolving around the setting of trains, so my story took place on a train… on Mars. Whenever people ask me to describe Detours, I tell them it’s a romance on a road trip wrapped around a ghost story. (Yes, I do tell them the plot as well. I also ask them to please please please buy a copy, at which point they back slowly away from the crazy man.)

Right now, when I’m not working on my thesis or revising stories I wrote last year, I’m working on a mashup of three of my previous stories: “Lifeblood” and “Maternal Instincts,” two vampire stories; and the private investigator from “Murder on the Midway,” which appeared in the noir anthology Men of the Mean Streets. I’ve had the idea for it for a while, and I have no idea where I could send it once it’s done, but they wouldn’t leave me alone, and I wanted to explore more of the character of Sam Page, the investigator.

So tell me, what’s your favorite literary mashup?